Cheer Info

Welcome to Kanawha Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions! When becoming a cheerleader at Kanawha, you are becoming a part of a family. Please see below for any questions you may have, if a question is not answered below don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our cheer directors.

Q: Who are the cheer directors for Kanawha?
A: Dana Miller and Cristie May are co-cheer directors. They have been with Kanawha for several years and here for your child. They both have or have had daughters in the cheer program and make any cheerleader a part of the family.

Who will be coaching my kids?:
All teams are led by qualified and experienced coaches,  whose mission is to make this a positive, fun filled experience for your child.

Head Cheerleading Coaches:

Coaches for the 2024 Fall Season are being interviewed at this time. Stay tuned.


Head Football Coaches:
Football  Information under under FOOTBALL

Q: How much does it cost to register my child for cheerleading?
A: To register your child in the Kanawha cheer program the cost is $175 for cheerleaders.

Q: How old must my child be to cheer?

A: Cheerleaders must be 5 years old by July 31st to be eligible to cheer for the same season. The age limit is 14. 

Q: Is cheerleading just for girls?
A: No! Just like our football team we accept both girls and boys to cheer for Kanawha! 

Q: Do I have to tryout to be a cheerleader with Kanawha?
A: No. We do not have requirements. We just want you to enjoy yourself and learn new things. Come with a positive attitude. 

Q: What do I need in order to register my child for cheer?
A: You can register online by clicking on register or in-person. You must have the following for your child to participate.
-Code of Ethics signed by both the cheerleader and the parent. 

Q: Which squad will my child be placed on?
A: The main criteria used to decide squad placement in the Cheer program is age.
*The age your child is considered for squad placement is the age they will be as of July 31st.
Kanawha Cheer Squad Age as of JULY 31st
Flag  -  5 and 6
8 U -    7 and 8
10 U -  9 and 10
12 U – 11, 12 , 13 & 14

Q: What is the practice schedule for cheerleading?
Practice Starts on Monday, July 29th:
-Practices are held at the Kanawha Field, Cheer practices near the softball field.
-Before School Starts, practices will be Monday, Thursday & Thursday from 6:00pm until 7:30pm
-After School Starts, practices will be Tuesdays & Thursday from 6:00pm until 7:30pm.

Q: What is the game schedule?
A: The game schedules will be posted on our Team Snap App. 
Game Schedule:
-2024 Fall schedule will be in your Team Snap App & on the Schedule Page of the Website.  
-On Game Days, Cheerleaders will cheer for our varsity teams at whichever field they are playing.
-Times and locations will vary, depending on if our opponent fields all teams, overtimes, injuries, etc.

Q: What if it rains, will there be practice and/or games?
A: We will practice and/or play games as long as the fields are open and playable. Storms that develop during the course of a game or practice will be assessed as they happen. We are required to cancel practices/games if Henrico County has deemed our field unplayable. In the event of questionable weather, please utilize Henrico County field hotline phone number is 804-501-5132 This hotline is run by Henrico County, is updated once daily at 3:00 PM and is another way to find out if practice is cancelled due to weather.

Q: Can I drop my child off at practice or games?
A: Parents must be at all practices and games, you may not leave your child alone. This is in case of injury and if we cancel due to weather. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q: How can we communicate with other cheer parents and coaches?

A: We use a program called Team Snap. This can be downloaded on your phone. This has a private chat room that you have to be invited to. We use this to also upload cheers, pictures, and communication of snacks at games.

Q: What are junior coaches?
A: Junior coaches are cheerleaders or previous cheerleaders who are in high school (ages 14-18) who help coach and receive community service hours for helping coach.

Q: How do I become a junior coach?
A: Reach out to the cheer directors and they will discuss how you can volunteer at Kanawha!


  1. Registered Via Team Snap
  2. Paid in FULL by July 31st
  3. A SIGNED CODE OF CONDUCT (Please Print, Read (Parent and Child) and Sign (Parent and Child) . Finished Code of Conduct can either UPLOADED either during Registration or directly into your Team Snap Bio OR Brought to Equipment or Uniform Handout)

What to Wear

Q: What should be worn to cheer practice?
A: All cheerleaders should wear athletic wear to practice. This means no flip flops, jeans, skirts/dresses. Tennis shoes are required. Hair must be out of the face. 

Q: What should be worn to games?

A: Uniforms are required in order to cheer at games. Skirt, Vest, Socks, Shoes, Lollies and Bow are required. On cold days the crop top, leggings are required. All cheerleaders must wear the exact same uniform, if one person is missing leggings or crop top they either do not cheer that game or no one wears that item. For more questions in regards to uniforms please see your daughter's coach or Cheer Directors. 
*Please no jewelry, no watches, no fake tattoos, and no nail polish can be worn at practices or games. Closed toe shoes are also required during practices as well as a bottle of water. 
*All hair must be worn up in a pony tail or off the shoulders and out of the face.

Q: How much does the uniform cost?

A:All uniform pieces are included in registration. However, white cheer tennis shoes and black leggings must be purchased on your own.  We will place a bulk order for cheer tennis shoes at the beginning of the season. Optional items such as practice bag may also be purchased.


Volunnteer Info

Kanawha is a non-profit association run solely though the work of parent volunteers. No coaches or board members are paid for their time. Therefore it is critical that all parents volunteer their time when it is needed.
We need volunteers for jobs such as:

TEAM PARENT: (Fun Season Long Commitment)

Committee Volunteers: Parents are wanted and needed to help on various committees over the course of the season.  (Homecoming, Concessions, Fundraising & Field Management)

Concession Stand Helpers
Clock Operators (need certification which is done during a short class held on a practice night),
Field & Ground Volunteers (Help Line the Field Night Before, Set-up or Tear-Down Field on Game Day)

Chain Crew (3 People)

**Please make an effort to get involved for the benefit of both your child and yourself - we promise it will be a rewarding experience for both of you!