Our History

A Brief History of Kanawha--

In 1987, a man by the name of Red Roberts decided to dedicate his energy, his organizational skills, and his passion for kids and football to start a new West End football association.

Prior to 1987, the Tuckahoe Youth Football Association was the only team in the West End for kids who wanted to play. Because of the historical significance of the Kanawha Indian Tribe to our area, our name, the Kanawha Redskins, was taken partly from the Kanawha Chiefs football league which was in existence until 1985, and whom many of the “baby boomers” in these area may have even played for, and from the Washington Redskins pro team.

In the opening season, we fielded three teams with a total of 66 football players and cheerleaders. Our practices were held at Maybeury Elementary and our home games were played at Deep Run equipment shed. Our concession stand, so all equipment, supplies and food had to be transported by coaches and directors. Our concessions were held under a Woody’s Funeral Parlor tent. Parents of cheerleaders had to sew their uniforms and the football jerseys were glorified tee-shirts. But those parents, coaches and kids cheered and played with as much enthusiasm and pride as they do today!

Thanks to the hard work of past presidents, board members and the County of Henrico, in 1992 we found a permanent home at Short Pump Park, and the program has continued to grow and expand ever since.

In 2021, We rebranded and became the Kanawha Redhawk's!

Today we field at least 4 teams of football players and cheerleaders. Our main focus continues to be able to provide our children with a positive experience that will reinforce many of the values that they will learn throughout their lives: integrity, respect, sportsmanship, teamwork and honest competitiveness.

Tax Exempt Status:
Kanawha is a tax exempt organzation under IRC Section 501(c)(3) as a youth sports organization. Accordingly any charitable contributions made to Kanawha are considered tax deductible for the donor. Copies of the organization's tax exemptionapplication and recent tax filings are available upon request from our Treasurer.