The first week of practice is a conditioning week. Players will be in their shorts and t-shirts for conditioning. Players should also wear their football cleats to begin breaking them in. The next two weeks, players will gradually go into pads, helmets, and finally full practice gear.

Football Players: Kanawha provides the following: helmet (soft helmet for flag players), practice jersey, and game. PLAYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING: Shoulder pads (except flag players), cleats, Integrated football pants, a mouth piece, and socks.

must wear shorts (or pants) without pockets and tee shirts without pockets , tennis shoes and socks for all practices. Hair must be pulled back away from the face and no jewelry is allowed (no earrings).

Cheerleaders: Kanawha provides the following: game skirt and game vest, game day hair ribbons, lollies (worn under skirt) and crop top. CHEERLEADERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING: White on white shoes and the cold weather attire that is decided upon by the cheering director. Girls will pre-order the items and they must be paid for at that time - usually during the first week of practice.